Malawi Lake Basin Programme (MLBP) rights holders are this week interacting with the media to share success stories.

The five-day tour started on Monday in Kasungu, followed by visits in Salima, Mangochi and Ntcheu.

During the tour smallholder farmers are happily sharing how the study circle methodology is bringing them together in identifying solutions towards the attainment of food security in the wake of climate change.

The solutions include transitioning to other cash crop like cassava, sweet potatoes, practicing smart agriculture and formation of village banks.

Through the savings the smallholder farmers are able to build decent houses, send children to school and meet other basic needs.

MLBP Deputy Programme Director Esther Chirwa said the media tour is a good opportunity for journalists to interact with rights holders.

“The tour will allow the media get first-hand information from the farmers we work with. At the same time interaction brings enthusiasm in rights holders,” she said.

In the tour, MLBP has collaborated with Association for Environmental Journalists (AEJ). The tour started with a media training in Lilongwe where journalists were drilled in science reporting.

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